Node + Express + Mongo

Fill this out giving examples of setting up Node.JS+Express

Fill ths out, giving exaples of MongoDB+mongoose

var express = require('express'); 
var app = express (); 
var bodyParser = require ('body-parser'); 
var mongoose = require ('mongoose'); 
mongoose.Promise = global.Promise; 
var db = mongoose.connection; 
app.use(express.static(__dirname+'/client')); //where the front end stuff goes 
app.use (bodyParser.json()); 
usersModel = require('./models/users.js'); 
dailyInfoModel = require('./models/dailyInfo.js');
// Connect to mongoose 
mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/coustierAWESOMEApp', {useMongoClient: true}); 
//setup *route* for landing / home page 
app.get('/', function (req,res){
     res.send('Please use /api/books or /api/genress');